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Inet/Winet Technical Specifications

1.    Terminal Emulation

  • The current range of emulators are:
    • IBM 3270/8/9/E with full TN3270E support
    • *IBM 5250,
    • DEC VT100/220/330, ANSI, SCO ANSI, Linux console
    • Data General D211,
    • HP 700/92,
    • *Sperry UTS60,
    • *Burroughs T27 (TD830 / ET1100)
  • Easy key mapping with over 750 function keys.
  • Versions of 3270 written in Java for use in any Java enabled Operating System or Browser.
  • 3270 Web Server enabling use of any Javascript enabled Browser e.g. Internet Explorer or FireFox to be used as a 3270 terminal. Screens and keyboard input are delivered in XML streams using AJAX, enabling custom terminal applications.
  • Screen and host printing to multiple remote printers.
  • Windows programs with COM/Automation interface.
  • Full script language including special functions like:
    • Execute external Windows programs.
    • Addressable cursor.
    • IP and MAC address reporting.
    • Screen and data stream reading.
  • Colour and 132-column operation.
  • Multiple sessions can be established .
  • Mouse support with copy and paste and custom automation.

2.    Telnet

  • SSL or SSH secure connections.
  • Report IP and MAC addresses.
  • Server can activate scripts and remote commands.

3.    FTP and File Transfers

  • FTP client support batch file processing.
  • FTP client provides both menu-driven and command line user interfaces.
  • FTP client with COM automation interface.
  • Firewall friendly FTP client and server (passive mode).
  • Unix format file list in the FTP servers to cater for lame FTP clients that did not implement the standard NLST command.
  • FTP server with:
    • User access and level control.
    • Built-in personal firewall and active break-in protection.
    • Remote command execution.
  • File transfers can be done via all printing options by using the INET “Print to file” option.
  • IND$FILE and Natural file transfers are supported by the 3270 emulator.
  • Most line-based terminals (like the VT family) offer Log and Read options.

4.    Print Services

  • Socket (or IP) printing server and client for network printing from any host to any printer including PC printers.
  • Both LPD and LPR print server and clients are implemented allowing bi-directional services to and from UNIX hosts.
  • Print via telnet using “slave”/”back”/”pass-through”-printing.
  • LPR client programs to use any LPD print server.
  • 3287 printer client for TN3270E (“session bound”, RFC 2355 and SCS) and Natural file printing.
  • Multiple print options for formatted and unformatted data.
  • Plain text or fancy formatted printing from legacy applications.
  • Automated post print processing via COM/Automation or third party programs. (E.g. print to e-mail.)
  • Formatted printing includes: printer escape sequences, 80/132 column selections, RTF, INET propriety printer independent escape sequences.
  • Templates supported for RTF (Natural via mail merge) and direct (raw) jobs.
  • Print destinations include: to file, direct to port (raw), to printer driver via GDI, to third party software.
  • Various remote printing options to multiple destinations.

5.    Windows Operation

  • Multiple, unlimited, simultaneous sessions. All applications running as separate Windows programs.
  • Component Object Model (COM) capabilities (OLE, Automation, VB and ActiveX Scripting, etc.) allows custom GUI developments and interfacing with third party software.
  • SSL (TLS) and SSH security.
  • Drag-and-drop network printing.
  • FTP batch processing.

6.    Diagnostic Tools

  • Protocol tracing.
  • Extensive status information.
  • Extensive statistical information.

7.    Licensing

  • INET site-licenses make provision for running the SAME copy of the software on multiple PC’s and even loading the software from a central server.
  • Upgrading INET to a later revision does not involve a license change for the first year.
  • Software assurance (maintenance) contracts give access to all INET upgrades.
  • Site licenses can be upgraded incrementally to a larger number of users.
  • InetLicenseService allows multiple users on Windows Terminal Server.

8.    Local Support

  • As INET is locally developed in South Africa, problems can be addressed immediately without time zone, language and other international trade impediments.
  • Support is also given from our web site:
  • INET has been developed to make optimal use of the technology infrastructure and unique business demands of South Africa.
  • Specific requirements for the local market have been and can in future be incorporated.
  • Over 55 000 copies of INET has been sold locally guaranteeing a strong commitment to the SA market.
  • INET is being enhanced and expanded according to feedback from users.

9.    Features Added to INET in Accordance with Client Requirements

  • User suggestions for new features are encouraged and welcomed.
  • Various improvements in user interface and functionality, e.g:
    • More pre-defined keyboard layouts
    • More map-able keys
    • Custom buttons on toolbar or button bar
    • Screen shot capture in a number of formats
    • Better menu layouts
    • Formatted printing from legacy host applications
    • More configurable options for shortcuts (icons).
  • More automated install and set-up procedures.
  • Much expanded print options in all the Windows products.
  • New keyboard definition dialog with more user-friendly features and more programmable keys.
  • Character translation tables for EBCDIC on the 3270 emulators.
  • Support of South African language characters e.g. Venda, Sotho and Afrikaans.
  • SSL (TLS) and SSH security.
  • COM automation, OLE, ActiveX scripting.
  • IBM 5250 emulator added.
  • FTP server options to execute commands.
  • Direct serial support for the line mode 32 bit terminal emulators.
  • Linux console configuration.
  • IND$FILE file transfer for the 3270 emulators.
  • Biometric interfaces to fingerprint scanners.
  • LPD has options to add form feeds to jobs or to translate single LF to CR/LF for badly configured applications and printers.
  • LPD queue names can be case sensitive or in-sensitive or auto created.
  • LPD printing running as a service.
  • Enhanced printing:
    • Various custom print options
    • User definable spool directories for printing
    • Rich Text via RTF commands
    • Rich Text via standard escape sequences to any Windows printer
    • Merge printing
    • Templates in text and RTF
    • More automation for scripted control of print jobs
    • More custom options and configurations
    • Support mainframe bold and underline via over printing on Windows
    • File printing with many options
    • Screen prints with multiple screens to one page
    • Screen print templates

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